Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wet Monkey Inspiration

Hearing of the recent demise of my water heater, a coworker mentioned a commercial she had seen recently for a new model from GE. In a rather odd advertisement for the GeoSpring hybrid water heater, a band of snow monkeys relaxes in a luxurious warm water spring. Normally, watching a soggy pack of peaceful primates wouldn't interest me, but at the time, the promise of a more efficient water heater did!

Unlike traditional gas or electric heaters, the GeoSpring uses heat pump technology as a relatively new alternative. The appliance warms water by using both a compressor and evaporator to draw in ambient heat. The GeoSpring also boasts two secondary electric elements to speed up recovery time during heavy water use. Water heaters are the largest residential consumer of electricity behind heating and cooling (somewhere between 25-30% of energy consumed), so making the right decision on a new water heater could make a big difference in energy savings over the long term. And after three weeks of COLD showers, I felt myself longing to feel more like the snow monkeys lounging on my screen.

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