Monday, January 17, 2011

A Fixture as Decorative as...

At some point in our collective history, someone set out to create the least decorative piece of lighting humanly imaginable. The result? The omnipresent bathroom vanity light bar. The very design screams, "MINIMALIST VOMIT!", and would no doubt make Thomas Edison regret having ever invented the bulb. Yet somehow, this fixture has made it into every American domicile since Monticello.

And this bare-bones piece of lighting is an energy hog. Each fixture usually boasts between four and eight 40-50 watt incandescent bulbs. And because they are all exposed, removing a few, or replacing the incandescents with the swirled tubing of a CFL looks downright odd.

We currently have one such fixture in our bathroom, and I've long had a hankering to do something about it. The time is now...

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