Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our New Adoption

Well, that Federal tax credit really sealed the deal. Last month, we happily welcomed our new GeoSpring hybrid water heater into our home. She's a real beauty. Because there is a compressor involved, she's a bit louder than an electric model-- she purrs occasionally in the garage after we've used a bit of hot water. And here's an unexpected upside... as she works, she dehumidifies the air around her! That should come in handy during our sticky summers...

Turns out, she was a bit cheaper than I expected. I was able to haggle a bit at Sears and have them match the sale price of a competitor. PLUS, because I scheduled installation, sales tax was waived. AND, I was still able to qualify for a 30% tax credit on both purchase AND installation. She was downright CHEAP!

But does it always have to boil down to dollars and cents? Can we forgo our capitalist blinders for just a moment? Even if we never "break even" I will sleep better at night knowing I paid a little more to use a LOT less energy. I can take a brief, warm shower knowing that I've caused a little less mountain top removal, contributed a little less to global warming, and produced a little less nuclear waste. What, exactly, is the price tag on that???


  1. Thanks for the post... This may be our next water heater too... Rick

  2. You won't be disappointed, Rick... and thanks for following along! :-)