Wednesday, January 19, 2011

C.F.L., or, Casa Falta Luz

So its time to do something about the energy hog in my bathroom. My wife has always supported my desire to be more green, but there is one issue where she draws the line-- lighting. She and I have now owned two homes, and she has patiently suffered through my efforts to replace as many incandescent bulbs with compact florescent lights (CFLs) as possible. But the truth is, CFLs typically aren't as bright as the wattage they purport to replace. AND most CFLs don't really achieve full brightness until after at least a few seconds of being turned on. The result? Our home, like yours truly, is often quite dim.

My wife INSISTS that we maintain sufficient lumens in our closets to permit her to distinguish blue slacks from black, and enough brightness in our hallway to see toys lying on the floor and avoid grievous bodily injury. How unreasonable! And needless to say, she finds bathroom lighting to be of the UTMOST importance-- if only to ensure I aim properly.

So how do I make my vanity light more energy efficient, avoiding using CFLs, and still provide enough light?

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