Monday, February 28, 2011

This Place is Just Bulb-a-riffic...

Given the pattern of usage we discussed earlier, the incandescent bulbs in our kids' rooms consumed around 0.64kWh per day. Our new CFL bulbs use only 0.112 kWh per day. Considering we have 306 days left in the year, our projected energy savings for 2011 would be: 196 kWh - 34 kWh = 162 kWh. Today, we add that number to our tally.

Over the past two months, we've made inroads on phantom power from chargers, entertainment systems, and computers. But, you've probably also noticed that I've spent the majority of that time looking at lighting-- and for good reason.

A quick survey in and around my house revealed a surprising fact. There are 78 individual bulbs serving to illuminate our 4/2.5 crib. And in the course of a day, every single one of them gets used at one point or another. The survey took only a couple of minutes. Do it yourself, and you just might be surprised at just how ubiquitous light bulbs really are!  

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