Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Rigors of Installation

Maybe my last post was a little misleading. All I really needed to do was plug in all my equipment and mount an on/off switch to the wall next to the entertainment system. Bob Villa I ain't, but two small screws were all I needed to complete the installation of my new wireless Belkin power strip.

I had my kids help me plug in all the devices (since they use them more than I do!) as an impromptu lesson in conservation. I've had a day to play with the new set up and I gotta say-- its pretty cool. The wireless remote makes accessing the power strip uber-convenient, and it feels good knowing how much energy we're saving. Speaking of which, here's the breakdown:

First let's assume the television gets used an average of three hours every day. That leaves 21 hours of standby time every day. From our earlier measurements, we know the set-up uses 0.61 kWh/day. Using a little division, that equates out to 0.025 kWh/hr. So that would be roughly 0.53 kWh/day of total standby power consumed.

January is already behind us, and we're left with approximately 331 days left in the calendar year. Over the course of 2011, therefore, the Belkin should help us save: 0.53 kWh/day x 331 = 176 kWh.

I wonder if I should deduct the energy I used to charge the drill??

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