Monday, February 14, 2011

This Month's Electric Bill: $55.00

$55.60 to be exact! Never in my life, even while living in my first apartment, have I ever had an electric bill this low. During the same time period last year we used 949 kWh of energy. This year, our use was down to a Lilliputian 491 kWh.

Of course, the weather has really been working in our favor. January was far milder this year than the record-setting cold streak we experienced last year. There hasn't been occasion to use the air conditioner or heater all that much, and I'm sure that has helped. But I'm also not ready to discredit all the little improvements we're making around the house.

I can't help but marvel how, without really compromising use of our electronic luxuries, we've been able to make a sizable dent in our consumption by just being a little smarter. If a dope like me can do it, YOU CAN TOO! Believe me, I don't mind being the guinea pig-- especially when its saving me money and wear on my conscience!!

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