Saturday, February 12, 2011

If You Could Work About 90% Less, Would You?

After coming home with three new LED night lights, here's what I found:

The light from each was really quite comparable to that of the incandescent lights they replaced. And you've gotta love kids-- both of mine thought changing out the old lights was groovy. But the best part was that we got the performance at an energy premium. Each night light now draws 0.3 watts. So using the same calculations as before:

0.3 watts  ÷ 1,000 = 0.0003 kWh
0.0003 kWh x 40 hours = 0.012 kWh/day
0.012 kWh/day x 365 = Approx. 4.38 kWh/year

So here's what we learn. Though the draw from the incandescent bulbs wasn't extraordinary (coming in at only 58 kWh/yr) it was still wasteful in hindsight. All this time we could have generated the same amount of light with less than 5 kWh/yr.  

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