Sunday, February 27, 2011

How Proper Bulbs Can Help the Fine People of WalMart

Having had great success in my daughter's room, I proceeded to change out all the incandescents in my son's room with Ecosmart CFLs. Both rooms are now WAY brighter, stay cooler, and each bulb only consumes 14 watts, as opposed to the 40 watt incandescents they replaced. Better still, the bulbs are SO bright, we don't need as many. With the quick tug of a chain, we now fire up only two bulbs instead of all four. So running the same numbers as we did earlier:

28 watts ÷ 1,000 = 0.028 kWh
0.028 kWh x 2 hours = 0.056 kWh/day
0.056 kWh/day x 2 rooms = 0.112 kWh/day total
0.64 kWh/day x 365 days = 41 kWh/year

That is less than a quarter of the energy it took previously, and now we also have better lighting. Here's what my research suggests so far: installing just a few high-quality CFLs in every single residence in south Florida could have two major benefits. First, maybe we wouldn't need to build new nuclear reactors in our own backyard and string transmission lines across the state for distribution. But of greater importance, more light in everyone's home could help avert major fashion disasters like this.

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