Thursday, February 10, 2011

Can Light Emitting Diodes Spook a Monster?

Earlier this year, I lamented that LED light bulbs didn't quite cut it for replacing the incandescents in our bathroom. Still, I believed there might be some good applications for these highly efficient bulbs. I decided to give them another shot as a possible substitute for our current night lights.

I went to Home Depot and perused the selection. Turns out there are LOTS of LED night lights to choose from (always on, motion activated, dimmable, light sensitive, etc.) I found these Amarelle Sphere Automatic LED Night Lights on sale for $4.97 a piece and decided to give them a whirl. That's not too much more expensive than this comparable incandescent model, and still a lot cheaper than some of the fancier, decorative models.

Economically these LEDs are in the ballpark, but how would they compare in performance?

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