Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Blogger's Dirty Little Secret Revealed!

I know this may be shocking, but I don't always blog in real time. So although yesterday's post made it sound like I was testing my new Westinghouse solar LED lights for the very first time last night, I've actually had them now for over two weeks. So here's the run down:

These lights are clearly marketed as LED spotlights, with an output 12 times brighter than other solar lights. That may well be true, but they are dim enough they could be considered accent lights. That said, they do adequately illuminate the windows and doors near which they were installed, without unnecessarily flooding the yard-- and skies above-- with light.

I'm gonna go ahead and recycle my BJs receipt-- these lights are keepers. Without compromising the integrity of the zodiac, I am still getting the functionality I need from my outdoor lighting, AND I'm doing so with renewable energy instead of relying on the power grid. NICE!  

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