Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where Do Catfish Go To Mingle With Boas and Pythons?

I'm at a crossroads: how do I resolve my current catfish dilemma? There is a way.

Every year, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission sponsors a Nonnative Pet Amnesty Day at ZooMiami. The event is an opportunity for owners of non-domesticated animals (no doggies or kitties, please) to turn in pets they can no longer care for to a network of certified adopters. Provided they are healthy at the time of surrender, no animal is euthanized. I will be taking my (very healthy!) walking catfish to the event this coming Saturday.

I'm not sure who will be adopting my fish, but I'm going to assume it'll be someone that already has an aquarium up and running, into which my fish would be introduced. That means it will require less energy (per capita) to house the fish, will still keep the fish from being reintroduced into the wild and, most importantly, will not require me to send it to the gallows.

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